October Review at asme Drama Academy

Drama classes for children, Watford

Mastering their choreographyWow, what a month October was! asme Drama Academy opened its doors for the first time providing drama classes for children in Watford, training fresh talent of the future. The free trial class was packed full of budding young actors wanting to learn the craft of performing. On reflection of the month we can comfortably say that October was a success and set the foundations for a successful year at asme Drama Academy. Our students are great. They come to class willing to learn and try out new activities, although some activities this month have been more challenging than others.

Students have learnt about improvisation, using mime to tell a story, and character development. Each week we focused on a different element. We play lots of games that teach fundamental skills needed for the stage. Students have also been working on a musical scene. They have learnt a new choreography and song that they will show at the end of term when their parents come to watch. Rehearsal for this has started and they have worked so hard to perfect every segment, including the advanced section which requires strength and coordination.

CALM Students

Our training is under-pinned by the four principles that make a CALM performer:

Commitment: follow-through with decisions and take action with conviction. When you decide to step on stage you must commit to it and commit to every action. Nothing is done half-heartedly.

Attitude: attitude is everything! A positive mental attitude goes a long way. The magic happens when you believe.

Listen: be observant and listen to what is being said. The best actors are great listeners.

Master:  Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse! Practice the skills you are learning so you become a master of those skills.

These four pillars shape our curriculum and activities and lead to a well rounded performer. These principles develop qualities that will stay with the children for life. Children can apply these to other areas of their life including their school work.

Each month we give out a CALM student award. In October the award went to Siena Conte! Well done Siena for consistently showing Commitment, Attitude, Listening, and Mastery in your work.

We have classes for children age 5 to 14. Book a FREE trial class today by clicking here: BOOK FREE TRIAL CLASS



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